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Notes on the Building of the Old Palmer Township Hall: Taken from the Clerk's Minutes

March 1913: Annual township meeting

The town board recommended that we raise $850 for the building of a town hall and buying a site.

March 16, 1914: Annual township meeting

It was determined to hire the work of the foundation of the town hall to be done by the day and the gravel hauled by the yard.  The wall to be 20" high, 12" thick at the bottom and 6" thick at the top.

It was voted to put #2 dimension stuff and sheeting and #1 siding and shingles. Also decided to send the lumber bill to Clear Lake and St.Cloud and then decide where to get the lumber. Also, 2nd grade maple to pine culling No. 2. Also 12" x 28" windows, also 2 x 8 floor joists 20 ft. long half pitch and 2 x 6 upper floor joists. Motion made that Clerk E.W. Shaw be authorized to look at the grader in St. Cloud and Clear Lake and also decide which place to buy lumber.

May 16,1914

Met at the town hall to accept the town hall. The building was accepted and order drawn for the amount. It was voted to buy 2 dozen chairs from John Dingmann @ $9.00/dozen and 6 window shades. Buy paint @ Odegard's = 5 gallon of dark gray and 1-1/2 white trimmings, 2 gallons oil, 2 lbs. putty. John Gilyard to get the building insured. Joe Imholte was hired to haul the lumber back for $1.00, also to paint the town hall for $7.00.

From the Auditor's Annual Report

May 16, 1914

Gilbert Erickson

For building town hall



J.H. Imholte

For town hall site



Fred Wipper

For hauling lumber, etc.



June 22, 1914

J.E. Odegard

For supplies for Blood & paint



Central Lumber Co.

For lumber



July 11, 1914

J.H. Dingmann

For supplies for town hall



March 11, 1915


For lamps & curtains for town hall



June 10, 1916

Austin Gilyard

Flag pole



Anna Wipper

Cleaning town hall