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                                                                         ORDINANCE INDEX

No.     Approved    Title

#1      6/11/62         An Ordinance for the purpose of Regulating the Location of Size of Buildings and other Structures, the Percentage of Lts which may  be occupied, the Sizes of Yards and Other Open Spaces, and for other Related Purposes. %231.pdf


#101 10/11/88       An Ordinance Granting an Extension Permit to Mark Twain Cablevision, Limited partnership and its Affiliates to Construct, Exten, perate, and Maintain a Cable Communications System in Palmer Township. 101.pdf


#102  11/13/90      An Ordinance Regulating the Keeping of Dogs within the Township Limits of Palmer Township. 102.pdf


#3       6/13/94       Ordinance Requiring Posting of Signs Designating a Number for all Residential and Commercial Properties in Palmer Township. 3.pdf


#104  1/12/04       An Ordinance Regulating the Surface Use of Btiggs Lake Chain. 104.pdf


#105 11/14/05     An Ordinance Regulating Town Road Right of Way. 105.pdf


#106 12/12/05    An Ordinance Governing Private and Public Driveway Rpad Approaches to Palmer Township Roads. 106.pdf


#107  2/9/09       An Ordinance Establishing Fees for Emergency Protection Services. 107.pdf


#108 12/14/09   An Ordinance Regulating Town Road Right-of-Ways. 108.pdf


#109 12/14/09  An Ordinance Regarding Installation of Utilities or Place other Improvements on Township Property or within Road Right-of-Way. 109.pdf


#110 10/10/11 Regulating the Parking of Vechicles During Certain Months Within The Township of Palmer, Sherburne County, Minnesota. 110.pdf