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Timeline for Creation of Palmer Park

March 1, 1976

Regular town meeting. It was decided to wait for income before paying Ray Larson for the use of the ballpark in the amount of $75.00 for summers of 1975 and 1976. (The ballpark was south of the large white house across from the Briggs Lake Store).


March 1, 1976: Annual Meeting

Committee established to explore the need for a ballpark and recreation area for the township. The township has $2500.00 savings bond for this purpose, but research needs to be done to determine the need.

A committee consisting of Denis Weis, John Kuester, Emmett Thiel and John Kronenberg was selected to work with the town board to establish this park.


April 13, 1976

Co-chairs, Denis Weis and John Kuester met with the town board regarding rec. facilities. A survey form was reviewed and to be published in the Clearview School and Becker School newsletters, to be returned by May 15, 1976.


January 3, 1977

A meeting was set for January 6th as an informational meeting for all citizens interested in establishing a rec. facility.


February 7, 1977

The survey is in process.


March 7, 1977: Regular meeting

Copies of the rec survey were presented to the board before the annual meeting.


March 8, 1977: Annual Meeting

The rec committee presented their report. A levy of 1.6 mils was suggested which would bring in about $5000/year for the park. Denis Weis and John Kuester reported. There would be a need to check with county zoning regarding any variance needed for land use. A permanent committee was appointed: John Kuester, Denis Weis, Randy Peterson, Ann Mork, Judy Wipper. More members could be added as needed, to serve for a 3 year period.


March 14, 1977: Regular Meeting

A date of 3/22/1977 was set for the rec and twp to meet to explore the possible properties for a park.


April 4, 1977

Discussion of rec facilities for the township.


April 21, 1977: Rec Meeting with Town Board Supervisors

They viewed the 22-acre Jim and Ann Dwenger property (a field in the woods just south of "downtown" Palmer). It was agreed that this should be purchased for $22000.00. An application to LAWCON was to be applied for. Don Johnson (a retired draftsman living on Briggs Lake) is to draw up a plat with the projected plans.


May 2, 1977: Meeting

John Kuester gave a report on the establishment of the park committee. The purchase was objected to be some adjacent landowners "stating fear of a fire hazard increase". A Sherburne County hearing on the re-zoning would give them a chance to voice their objections. The supervisors recommend the purchase of the property from the Dwengers and $100.00 earnest money should be paid and then sign a purchase agreement. The Park Committee is to prepare and submit a plan for a LAWCON grant for the township.


August 2, 1978

Grant from the State of Minnesota was received in the amount of $11,000 to be used to acquire land for a township park. So far there have been 2 "work days" in the park with volunteers brushing, burning and clearing the land by hand and also with tractors and construction machinery.

A 60' x 30' pavilion was built by Haus Construction.



Summer softball program was started by Blaise Boser. He enlisted the assistance of others and there were about 60 participants. The program is now in its 27th successful year and shows no sign of slowing down. A backfield fence was put up with volunteer labor.



Tennis courts were added and bleachers were donated.



After the Bromenschenkel tragedy at the park entrance, the idea of constructing a bike path along the front edge of the park parallel to county road 6, was initiated. Much fundraising entailed as the community came together.



With the upgrading of County Rd. 6, the path was included in the plan and it was paved at the same time.