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July 10th, 2023


The regular meeting of the Palmer Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Palmer Township Hall, with Chairman Ganz, Supervisor Demeules, and Supervisor Wipper present. Also present were, Amy Bragelman Township Clerk, and Roger Johnson Treasurer. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Treasurer’s Report:  Roger Johnson read the balances from the Treasurer's report. Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Supervisor Wipper seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. 


Sheriff’s Report: Capitan Ben Zawacki read the Sheriff’s for the month of May. 129 Total calls for service as compared to 88 calls for service in 2022. Zawacki stated that there was a jump in calls due to an increase in Security checks and traffic stops. There were 5 thefts that included a wood splitter, the theft at Universal Steel that is an ongoing investigation, a pontoon that was attempted to be stolen but later found due to a flat tire, and a utility trailer that was stolen. 8 medicals, 41 traffic stops, 24 security checks, 2 ATV complaints and 1 boat complaint. 


Road Maintenance/Signs: Chairman Ganz stated that signs are caught up. The potholes are completed for now. The culvert was completed on 42nd. Mike Schendzielos mentioned that we may want to put up a reflector so that people are aware that there are culverts there. Supervisor Demeules reported that 42nd by Lake Julia has been deemed wetlands. We will need to buy credits and fill out paperwork we may need to wait for Sherburne County. The board, MJS, and the engineer will meet with homeowners on 109th tomorrow, once work starts it should be done in a day or 2. Demeules asked the Engineer if any of the plans have changed for 109th. He stated that the location of the pond has been moved so that it is only on one resident’s property. Chairman Ganz spoke with a resident from 59th Court he has once again killed the vegetation on the road right of way. The resident stated that he plans on putting a lawn in soon, and was informed that he can not kill the grass in the road right of way and may be charged for any damages. A resident also called in regards to a corner in Sherburne Oaks that is slowly being chipped away by plowing. The best solution would be to put down some black dirt due to the fact that it is not the road but rather the shoulder that gets damaged during plowing. Supervisor Demeules stated that the Briggs Creek project is on hold until we can get a grant that is available through the DNR, specifically for projects like that. Chairman Ganz stated that we received the bids back from 107th and 115th Ave. The lowest bid from 5 companies is Duininck at 353,235.66 Supervisor Demeules made a motion to go with Duininck Supervisor Wipper seconded and the motion was carried. Pat with Civil Engineering Site Design will schedule the construction with Duininck. A resident from 42nd Street inquired whether or not we can raise the road. Supervisor Demeules stated that we would be able to but not by much. He also inquired as to who is responsible for debris in the Creek. Supervisor Demeules stated that the Township is responsible for the culvert and any debris in it, but that the landowner is responsible for anything in the creek but may not be forced to clean the Creek. The resident then asked if it might be a good idea to send the landowners a letter stating that the Township knows that there is debris in the creek and the Landowner may be held responsible if damage is done to other homes or Township roads. Chairman Ganz stated that he would ask the attorney. 


Fire Department: Chief Koren gave the monthly call report for the period of 06/13/23-07/10/23 for Palmer Township.  There was a total of 28 calls for the Clear Lake Fire Department. 10 of those calls were for Palmer Township, all being medical, 0 fires, and 0 auto accidents. Chairman Ganz inquired how do they determine which Township they get water from on a mutual call. Chief Koren stated that it is whichever is closer to the bale fire it was determined that Foley was 2 miles closer than Palmer. Ganz stated that Santiago ran out of water due to the fact that their well can only hold 10,000 gallons of water. Chief Koren asked for approval to put a cement slab in the Fire Department. Chairman Ganz stated that he would speak to Barry about the specifics of the project.


P.E.C: Roger Johnson stated that submitted the report to Sherburne County for the score grant.


Park Report: Stacy Strang reported for Palmer Park Committee. Surface Pro came out and stated that the Tennis Courts looked much worse than previously thought and would not be able to honor their previous estimate for repair and they will need to be completely redone. The next steps would be the demolition and rebuilding of a new pad. She also brought up the idea of relocating the tennis courts. The Committee does have someone that will demo at no price but doesn’t have a bid for a new Tennis Court due to the fact that they don’t have a new location. Chairman Ganz stated that moving the Tennis courts may cause an even bigger parking issue. The solution may be to extend the parking and make a driveway to the Tennis courts for better excess ability. Another idea may be to put it next to the baseball diamond. No decision was made by the board, they will wait on more information in regards to a price. The Supervisors requested an official letter from Surface Pro stating that their contract is voided. Supervisor Demeules reported on Big Elk Lake Park. The Committee took a tour last week and they are working with landowners to establish park boundaries. Cleanup is complete on the dump and they are very happy with the results. Bids have gone out for building removal the results are not yet known. There was a clean-up scheduled for 6-23 but it turned out to be more of a ceremony event. Funding has been requested by both Minnesota senators. This month’s meeting will be held at the Town Hall.


Lake Association: Supervisor Demeules reported that the BLCA meeting will be Saturday, August 12th at 10 am where they will elect new board members, and discuss finances. T -lids annual meeting is August 19th at the Town Hall for election and tax assessment is set.  


Legal Comments: Chairman Ganz mentioned that we are working with Ashley from Rinke Noonan to make our parking ordinance admissible. Barb Aaburg inquired about what can be done by repeat offenders that park on the road. Chairman Ganz stated that the best thing to do is report it to the Sheriff’s office. Sometimes a talk with law enforcement is all that is needed to fix a problem.


Approval of Minutes:  Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the June minutes as written. Supervisor Wipper seconded it and the motion carried.


ARPA FUND: Supervisor Demeules reported that they just started to install a new locking system on the doors. Once that is finished, we can issue cards and fobs.


OLD BUSINESS: Chairman Ganz mentioned that signs that are left in the Township right-of-way will be taken down due to mowing and distractions to drivers.


NEW BUSINESS: Chairman Ganz mentioned that there is no one doing the pop can donation any long and requested that the Palmer Powder Hounds Snowmobile Club would be interested in maintaining the cage.




Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve claims #23159- #23185, plus payroll, Conexus, and MJS for a total of 115,022.28 Supervisor Wipper second


Chairman Demeules made a motion to adjourn.  Supervisor Wipper seconded and the motion was carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.


Amy Bragelman, Palmer Township Clerk     Approved as reviewed August 14th, 2023

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