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November 13, 2023


The regular meeting of the Palmer Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Palmer Township Hall, with Chairman Ganz, Supervisor Demeules, and Supervisor Wipper present. Also, present was Amy Bragelman Township Clerk. Roger Johnson Treasurer joined the meeting remotely. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Treasurer’s Report:  Roger Johnson read the balances from the Treasurer's report. Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Supervisor Wipper seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. 


Sheriff’s Report: Capitan Ben Zawacki read the Sheriff’s for the month of October. 79 Total calls for service as compared to 81 calls for service in 2022. Capitan Zawacki stated that the County has seen an increase in school bus stop arm violations. With advanced camera systems on buses, they can easily speak to the offenders.  There were 16 traffic stops, 19 security checks, 1 theft, 1 search warrant for narcotics,1 personal injury accident, 2 suspicious activities, and 2 medicals. Chairman Ganz asked what demographic is responsible for not obeying the stop arm on the buses. Capitan Zawacki stated that people of all ages are violating this law.


Road Maintenance/Signs: Chairman Ganz stated that Supervisor Wipper plowed by the stop signs through town when we got that little bit of snow. Herbst did grade 98th and 113th. Signs are caught up with Jeff but we do need to replace a stop sign and pick some trash up by 90th and 7th Street. We received a bill from Duininck for the road work on 107th and 115th, for a total of 366,109.42. 52,687.86 was allocated to work on 107th Ave and the remaining 313,421.56 was for work done on 115th Ave. Supervisor Demeules stated that the County will be taking over the snowplowing for 104th that goes down to the new Elk Lake Park. We will need to talk to an attorney about the revocation of 104th. Amy will send an email to Herbst letting them know that we will not need to plow or maintain 104th. Supervisor Demeules made a motion to split the cost with Clear Lake Township for crack filling on our shared road 67th, Supervisor Wipper seconded and the motion was carried. Chairman Ganz stated that our speed limit signs will have to be updated. 10 years ago, the legislation passed a law that all speed limit signs would be increased by 5 miles an hour, signs would be replaced over 10 years as needed. We are coming up on our 10 years and haven’t needed to replace many speed limit signs, so according to the bill that was passed, this may mean we would need to replace the signs sooner rather than later. Chairman Ganz mentioned that we may be able to keep our 25-mile speed limits around the lake due to a study that was done some years ago. We will be looking into this.

            Supervisor Demeules shared that he spoke with Dan Cibulka about the grant for the culverts on Briggs Creek is open now. There is no time frame to get it in. Supervisor Demeules will start working on the lengthy application process. This grant will fund up to 25 percent of the cost of the project. Lonnie Suckert Questioned whether there is an ordinance against blowing leaves across or onto the roads. Chairman Ganz stated that there is not an ordinance.


Fire Department: Chief Koren gave the monthly call report for the period of 10/09/23 – 11/13/23 There was a total of 15 calls for the Clear Lake Fire Department. 6 of those calls were for Palmer Township, 4 being medical, 0 fires, and 2 auto accidents.



P.E.C: Nothing to report


Park Report: Chairman Ganz stated that the park is closed for rentals and wrapped up for the year. Shelly Alger- Peyton reported for the park committee. They had a meeting on November 7th   three of the baskets are up, and the signs arrived. The committee ordered new larger irrigation boxes. There are 6 holes left to finish which they would like to get in before winter. The Forest Stewardship meeting will be held on November 16th at 9 AM. Supervisor Wipper will attend that meeting, along with Mitch Hoffer. The Park Committee asked the Clear Lake Lions for a donation towards the Tennis Courts. They won't decide whether or not to donate until they have a location picked out for the Tennis Courts.

            Supervisor Demeules reported on Elk Lake Park. There is an orange fence that has been put up along the water's edge to deter access of snowmobiles from entering the park. The trail for phase one, west of 104th, is marked and should be mowed soon. Legacy Funding will be awarded in November, the County has applied for 1.8 million. Phase 1 building deconstruction is complete, which took 29 40-yard dumpsters. The greatest cost of the park will be the deconstruction and removal of the buildings. They approved the name for Elk Lake Park, Bde hehaka- Omashkooz Zaaga lgaans, which means Two Inlets Regional Park.


Lake Association: Shelly Alger-Peyton reported that they will be sending out membership forms in January, and are looking at doing an online membership form. They are looking into a Lake Stewardship program. Lake homeowners can go to the BLCA website,, and watch a short video on how to restore your lakeshore to improve the health of our lakes. They are also getting ready for spring fundraisers, and Ice Day. They are looking into possibly having a skimmer come out twice a year to remove algae from the lakes and contacting local farmers to pick it up at one of the accesses to use on their crops.


Legal Comments: None


Approval of Minutes: Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the October minutes as written. Supervisor Wipper seconded it and the motion carried.


ARPA FUND: The funds have all been used. We have been able to use the funds to improve our building, safety, and roads.





NEW BUSINESS: Planning and Zoning gave a presentation on the work that they do for the Township and feasibility studies of household hazardous waste. They also wanted to hear from residents about issues and concerns that they may have. Lonnie Suckert inquired about the solar panels and how they will be recycled. The short answer was that at this point we are not sure there are very few facilities at this time that recycle solar panels. They have a 30-year lifespan, and with the rise of Solar panel farms, there will be a need for more cost-effective and safe ways to dispose of them. There is money allocated to the safe removal and disposal of the solar panels before they are put in place. A full packet of the Planning and Zoning presentation may be obtained from Clerk Bragelman during normal business hours.   



COMMENTS/QUESTIONS: Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve claims #23264- #23292, plus payroll, Conexus for a total of 407,889.66 Supervisor Wipper second


Paul Braun inquired if anything could be done to improve his road 90th Avenue. A few ideas were tossed around by the Supervisors possibly the use of calcium chloride to aid in maintaining the structure of the road, or possibly grading weekly.


Chairman Ganz made a motion to adjourn.  Supervisor Wipper seconded and the motion was carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.


Amy Bragelman, Palmer Township Clerk Approved as reviewed December 11th, 2023

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