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October 10, 2022

The regular meeting of the Palmer Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Palmer Township Hall, with Supervisors Ganz, Demeules, and Larson present. Also present were, Amy Bragelman Township Clerk, and Roger Johnson Treasurer. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer’s Report: Roger Johnson read the balances from the Treasurer's report. Chairman Ganz stated the check for MJS is an estimate and not an invoice so we need to void claim 22259. Chairman Ganz made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Supervisor Demeules seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Sheriff’s Report: Ben Zawacki read the Sheriff’s report for the month of September in Palmer Township. There were 107 calls for service as compared to 115 in 2021. There were 37 traffic stops, no crashes with injury, and 2 properties with damage. There were no burglaries, no thefts, and 4 boating complaints. There were no shooting calls, no DUIs, and no parking violations. Chairman Ganz questioned whether a call to the sheriff’s office, with suspicious activity, would state in the report that it turned out to be a crime. Zawacki stated that if a call turned into a crime it would state on the report.

Road Maintenance/Signs: Chairman Ganz stated that they are continuing to brush. Potholing is done but if there is something that was missed let one of the Supervisors know so they can mark it for the spring. Clint got the hole at the North end of Julia swept up and the hole is patched. Work has been done on the engineering estimate and work will hopefully start this spring for the two culverts, on the North end of lake Julia and 109th. Ditch mowing was completed. Ganz mentioned that the signs are up to date. Chairman Ganz and James Langowski discussed moving 30-mile-an-hour signs. Supervisor Demeules stated that he has a list of signs that he noticed need replacing.

Fire Department: Chief Koren gave the monthly call report for the period of 9/12/22 – 10/10/22 for Palmer Township. There was a total of 10 calls for the Clear Lake Fire Department. 5 of those calls were for Palmer Township, 4 being medical, 1 fire, and no auto accidents.

P.E.C: Nothing to report.

Park Report: Mitch Hoefer mentioned that a couple of posts needed to be replaced he fixed and some fence repairs. He questioned whether the fan is getting replaced in the pavilion. Ganz stated that it has been ordered. Hoefer questioned whether anyone had called on extending the irrigation. Ganz said that he thought Mitch was taking care of that. There was a misunderstanding and Mitch will call Trout ASAP. The Township received no sealed bids for the lawn mower or the ditch mower. We will purchase a new lawnmower from Arnold. They will trade in our old mower at 4,900 and 5,100 for the ditch mower. With the trade-ins, the new mower comes in at twelve hundred and seven dollars. Ganz stated that he can sign the paperwork

and will get it ordered. Supervisor Ganz made a motion to upgrade the mower. Demeules seconded and the motion was carried unanimously.

Lake Association: Steve Demeules reported that the new boards are getting together for BLCA, As well as the T-Lid. The BLCA will be sending out weed control notices in early 2023. James Langowski commented that he contacted James from the DNR about pumping that was happening on Rush Lake and that he would be going to shut the hydroseeding company down. Ganz mentioned that the best person to contact about that would be Trent.

Legal Comments: No legal comments

Approval of Minutes: Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve the August minutes as written. Supervisor Larson seconded it and the motion carried.

ARPA FUND: Nothing to report



1. Zach Guttormson and Mark Schneider from Sherburne County Planning & Zoning Department came and presented their views relating to Land Use for the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. They talked with the Township Board Members and residents about housing, natural resources, and agriculture. They will take their feedback and incorporate it into the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. If you would like a copy of the presentation, please see the Clerk during normal business hours.


Supervisor Demeules made a motion to approve claims #22252- #22272, plus payroll, and Conexus for a total of 30,614.92. Supervisor Larson seconded it and the motion carried.

Treasure Roger stated that claims must be filled out completely and legible. Township accounts must only be used for only township use.

Chairman Ganz made a motion to adjourn. Supervisor Demeules seconded and the motion was carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:34 p.m.

Amy Bragelman, Palmer Township ClerkApproved as reviewed November 14, 2022

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