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Palmer Township Ordinances

Ordinance #1 - An Ordinance for the purpose of Regulating the Location of Size of Buildings and other Structures, the Percentage of Lots which may be occupied, the Sizes of Yards and Other Open Spaces, and for other Related Purposes.

Ordinance #102 - An Ordinance Regulating the Keeping of Dogs within the Township Limits of Palmer Township.

Ordinance #3 - Ordinance Requiring Posting of Signs Designating a Number for all Residential and Commercial Properties in Palmer Township.

Ordinance #115 - An Ordinance Regulating the Surface Use of Briggs Lake Chain.

Ordinance #106 - An Ordinance Governing Private and Public Driveway Road Approaches to Palmer Township Roads.

Ordinance #107 - An Ordinance Establishing Fees for Emergency Protection Services.

Ordinance #108 - An Ordinance Regulating Town Road Right-of-Way.

Ordinance #109 - An Ordinance Regarding Installation of Utilities or Place other Improvements on Township Property or within Road Right-of-Way.

Ordinance #110 - Ordinance Regulating the Parking of Vehicles During Certain Months Within the Town of Palmer.

Ordinance #111 - Amendment to Ordinance #105 Regulating Town Road Right-of-Ways, which is now Ordinance No. 111 and Affidavit of Publication.

Ordinance #112 - Ordinance setting Penalty for Ordinance Violations and Amending Certain Sections of the Palmer Township Ordinances.

Ordinance #113 - Ordinance regulating Vehicle Weight Restrictions within Town Road Right-of-Ways in the Town of Palmer.

Ordinance #114 - Ordinance establishing the rules for use of town property

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