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Welcome to Palmer Township in Sherburne County, Minnesota


The township hall is located at 4180 105th Ave in Clear Lake.  The office is open from 8am- 4pm


on Tuesday.  The clerk is available for township business during those hours.  If you need to contact


the township you may email the township at palme​ or call and leave a message at




Palmer Township monthly meetings are the second Monday of every month 


unless otherwise specified 


meeting starts at 7pm at the Town Hall

This notice is to inform you that there are road improvements scheduled for your area.  Removal of excavation will take place on 9/6/23-9/12/23. Shape reclaim 9/13/23 thru 9/14/23. Paving will be done 9/15/23 thru 9/19/23. Concrete will take place 9/20/23 thru 9/25/23. Topsoil 9/26/23 and seeding 9/27/23


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